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Scaffolding Injuries and How New York Scaffolding Injury Attorneys can Help You

Aug 28, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

Scaffold injuries

Construction workers and the construction industry in general have a plenitude of perils to address on a day-to-day basis. Construction workers are injured by:

  • Falling debris
  • Breaking scaffold platforms
  • Slips & falls during inclement weather conditions
  • Injuries due to falling equipment & heavy-duty machinery
  • Breaking ladders, pulleys
Injuries sustained during working hours are eligible for workers compensation claims

Injuries sustained during working hours are eligible for workers compensation claims.

Construction workers sustain injuries while working on scaffolds, hoists, pulleys, wooden/concrete blocks, steel reinforcement wires/cables, ropes, hangers, ladders, slings and such devices/equipment.

Usage of Scaffolds

Steel scaffolds are strong and safe. While wooden scaffolds are prone to damages due to weather and repeated use, steel scaffold can resist weather changes, can stay in place without change in dimensions and are easy to assemble and dismantle. These steel scaffolds must be assembled and erected as per manufacturer’s guidelines. The scaffolding needs to rest on a firm surface on the ground. A steel plate can hold the scaffolding poles strongly on the ground.

Rolling scaffolds are fitted with caster brakes or locks. They should be locked and secured when grounded in position. These scaffolds must not be pulled or tugged with materials placed on scaffold platforms. Wooden scaffoldings need to be well inspected before use, for cracks, splits, and other structural issues. The scaffolds must be inspected daily for safety, structural integrity, and quality.

All tools, equipment should be removed from the scaffolds daily after work. Materials should not be stocked on the scaffold platforms. Grease, paint, oil, and other slippery agents should be removed from the platforms to avoid slip & fall accidents.

Scaffolding Law

The New York construction workers are protected by numerous local and federal laws that are written with their welfare in mind. However, thousands are injured in construction site accidents.

Section 240 of the New York Labor Law is commonly known as the Scaffolding Law. The 130 year old law regulates usage of scaffolding in construction sites. The law mandates that contractors and construction site owners must provide adequate safety to workers for cleaning, painting, erecting, repairing, and demolishing structures.

The safety measures could include scaffolds, hoists, pulleys, ladders, slings, ropes, stays, braces, and more such devices that could ensure the safety of the worker during work. Scaffolding law helps injured construction workers file cases against those responsible for their injuries.

In addition to construction site owners and agents, third parties could be involved in such construction site accidents. Manufacturers of scaffolding equipment, machinery used in construction sites, tools used in building, erecting, demolitions are considered to be safe. In case of a failure of such equipment the manufacturer may be held responsible for the injuries resulting from equipment failure. In some cases, the engineers, designers, fellow construction workers, could be responsible for the accidents and injuries.

You are Injured and it is not Your Fault!

If you think you or your loved one has suffered an injury or died in scaffolding accident due to negligence of a third party, call our New York scaffolding accident lawyers for a free consultation to know your legal options to claim the right compensation. We have been around the block before and we know this arena. We have won case after case and brought in millions of dollars for our clients in scaffolding lawsuits.