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Train Accidents and Personal Injury Lawsuits

Oct 4, 2015 | Train Accidents

According to FRA (Federal Railroad Administration) data, a person or a vehicle is hit by a train every three hours. February 2015 witnessed a Metro-North train collide with an SUV near Valhalla, New York. The accident killed six and injured many.

The Metro-North services witnessed six deaths and more than 120 injuries in railroad accidents in 2013-2014. MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) has reported 248 deaths between 2011 and 2014 on the city subway lines. More than 50 Collision with Individual (CWI) deaths were reported last year in the metro subway. Around 6 million ride on the subways in NYC daily.

Train Accidents are Monstrous


If a train hits you and it is not your fault, you need sound legal representation.

Train accidents can be devastating. Trains are huge and carry heavy weight. The weight and the speed can have a telling effect when involved in a collision. The entire brute force is transferred to other stationary/moving objects and/or lives.

This can lead to grievous injuries, deaths and huge loss of public & private property. The magnitude of a train accident can be difficult to explain and it takes the investigating agencies more time to scale the enormity of such mishaps. The National Transportation Safety Board conducts thorough research after every railroad accident and the findings are disturbing and shocking as human negligence plays a major role in most of the accidents.

Railroad mishaps can involve collisions at crossings, freight & cargo train accidents, derailments, injuries or deaths in railroad/subway stations due to negligence on part of authorities/trains operators.

Passenger and Freight Trains

New York train transportation can include:

  • MTA NYC Subway services
  • Staten Island railroad
  • Long Island railroad
  • Metro North railroad
  • Amtrak
  • Freight trains services
  • Heavy/Light rail services

Railroad or subway accidents cripple people’s lives by causing:

  • Severe burn injuries due to collisions and explosions
  • Fractures, amputations and lacerations
  • Brain injuries due to blunt force trauma
  • Concussions and spinal injuries
  • Paralysis and nerve injuries
  • Loss of vision due to fire and explosion
  • Loss of digits and limbs

Safety Findings

The safety agencies report that:

  • Unprotected railroad crossings contribute to more fatalities.
  • Around 80% of railroad crossings are yet to be equipped with gates and lights.
  • Track maintenance failures contribute to more railroad accidents
  • Driver fatigue and lack of experience leads to accidents
  • Mechanical failures play a major role in accidents
  • Monitoring & guiding technology is very old and needs replacement

Railroad accidents change the lives of the victims and their families. The deformities, injuries, and sometimes death deal a heavy blow to the dependent families. Patients who survive such catastrophic accidents are at the mercy of medication and support through the entire life. The road to recovery is very difficult with mounting medical bills and the loss of wages.

You need an experienced & tenacious attorney to handle huge organizations and corporations that may not relent to your appeals and claims if you were to fight alone. Furthermore, you need to file notice of claim within stipulated time period when government agencies are involved in accidents.

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