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Dealing with a Trip and Fall Injury

Jul 9, 2017 | Slip and Fall

Should you trip and fall due to unsafe road conditions, you are liable to get compensation for any injury caused from those responsible for creating such circumstances.

Proving a Trip and Fall Case

As a victim of a trip and fall incident, you must first establish that there was indeed a dangerous and/or unsafe condition that caused you to fall, resulting in the said injury. The law however, stipulates that such an unsafe condition should have existed for a sufficient time span where the owner could be served a notice stating that it was truly unsafe.

This is tricky issue and many public sidewalks require that a claim notice must be filed within 90 days of the accident. Failure to do this makes your claim time barred and the concerned agency or municipal department has the right to deny your claim forever.

Laws regarding roadways, sidewalks, curbs, or tree wells is often confusing. This is more so as two different agencies or departments can be responsible for a sidewalk’s particular section and you won’t know who to hold responsible and take to court to acquire the necessary compensation for your injuries.

This therefore calls for the involvement of a sagacious and cognizant legal professional who understands the law and identifies the guilty parties accordingly. Moreover, he will also guide you on the ever important concept of Notice, proper filing and take care of all the paperwork involved as well.

Tripping and Subsequent Injury in Buildings

Article 78 of the New York State Multiple Dwelling Law rules any unsafe condition that causes a trip & fall accident in apartment buildings. Additionally, there are also building regulations and codes on heights and breadth of stairs & tread risers, handrails as also lighting, the absence of which causes numerous stairwell accidents.

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We are committed to bringing justice to you by helping to arrange for authentic medical opinion to prove that your injury actually happened; using private investigators to gather necessary photographic evidence and to identify the right guilty parties who need to be sued; representing you in court should your case go to trial; negotiate with your insurance company to get you the best deal and hire the topmost experts to give evidence in court to prove your case.

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