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What You need to Know Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Oct 14, 2015 | Personal Injury, Personal Injury FAQs

It is better to hire a personal injury lawyer whose practice mostly involves representing personal injury cases. Lawyers could be practicing in other areas such as bankruptcy, divorce, child custody, and immigration besides personal injury.

Yet, a specialist in the legal domain is always a safe bet whether it is personal injury or criminal law. A specialist comes with a wealth of experience in one particular practice and will have a 360° purview of the case.

Clearinghouse Lawyers

A lot depends on the capabilities of the personal injury lawyer

A lot depends on the capabilities of the personal injury lawyer.

The best way to obtain a decent settlement is to go to the court. A clearinghouse lawyer tries to settle the case outside the court. In which case, you may have to agree for a settlement that can be below your expectations or below what you deserve. There are all sorts of clearinghouse lawyers in every city who attract clients promising quick and big settlements.

They either settle the cases or refer the cases to an actual lawyer who will go to court and fight for their clients. The client may be in the receiving end if the clearinghouse lawyers rush them into quick settlements – less then what the case or the client deserves. The client may not be happy going to such clearinghouse lawyers.

Real Lawyers

Real and professional lawyers always wish to showcase a list of their achievements, verdicts, and settlement numbers. If your lawyer has a big list of achievements, then as a client you are in the safe hands. The insurance company always shows interest in getting to know the plaintiff’s lawyer. Real lawyers can make a huge impact by taking the case to the court and pleading successfully for the client.

Know the Lawyer or the Team that is Behind You

If you wish to know about your lawyers and their backgrounds, find out the lawyer or the team that is likely to work with you in your case. After hearing the account from the client, a senior lawyer may assign the case to less experienced or junior lawyers. The lawyer you talk first need not be the lawyer who is likely to handle your case. It is better to understand how your law firm works.

Achievements & Honors

It is always a client’s wish to win a huge settlement for the damage. The best lawyer always has a list of achievements, awards, and honors to his name. Find out if the lawyer or the law firm has been awarded or honored for its achievements by legal communities and bar associations. Such honors always push the legal fraternity to excellence and quality.

Contingency Fee

Firsthand, the client needs to understand the way the lawyers charge for their services. Some lawyers charge on contingency basis – a percentage of the settlement will go to the lawyer towards the fee. “No fee if there is no recovery” means the lawyer will not charge at all if the case is lost. In which case, it is better to know how the litigation expenses are to be handled by the client.

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