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Types of Settlements in a Personal Injury Case

Oct 20, 2017 | Personal Injury, Personal Injury FAQs

According to statistics, 942,219 people in the United States were killed, and 26,594,887 were injured, as a result of traffic accidents in 2016. With car accident cases on the rise every year across the US, it is no surprise that the number of personal injury lawsuits is increasing each year.

Apart from traffic accidents, slip and fall accidents, burns and fires, defective products, swimming pool accidents/drownings, workplace accidents, dog bites, etc. are some of the most common causes of personal injury cases.

Formal Settlement vs. Informal Settlement

When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, the timeline can move at a slower pace than you might expect. The rules in civil court trials are more lenient pertaining to the right to a speedy trial as the United States Constitution states. Additionally, civil court is largely ruled by the judges’ decisions rather than the writing of statutes into law. When it comes to settlement in personal injury cases, the two most common forms are formal and informal settlements.

Formal settlements: After a lawsuit’s entire timeline has occurred, including a complete trial, the case comes to a formal settlement. During a trial, each party is brought before a judge to present their case. After deliberation, the judge determines who wins the case as well as the amount of damages that will be awarded to either party, if any.

There are several reasons that you might prefer a formal settlement for a personal injury case, including seeking restitution of a large sum, exposing the actions of a company to the public and in some cases, accepting a remedy that is more than money.

Informal settlements: In the vast majority of personal injury lawsuits, the case is resolved by an informal settlement. This means that both parties negotiate and reach an agreement before the case goes to trial.

In some cases, an informal settlement can ever occur before the injured party can file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. Legal professionals accept these agreements only after consulting their clients and getting an approval.

Why Personal Injury Cases Take Long

In some personal injury cases, the outcome suffers due to the negligence of another party. Additionally, many people who file such claims give up as the idea of battling large companies becomes too overwhelming and time-consuming. Personal injury cases tend to take long as both parties need to thoroughly investigate the accident and find evidence to defend their claims.

No Excuse for Negligent Driving

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