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Safety Tips for Highway Work Zones

May 23, 2016 | Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Personal Injury

According to the Federal Highway Administration, there were 87,606 work zone crashes in 2010, accounting for 1.6% of all roadway crashes. That year, 0.6% crashes in work zones were fatal, 30% led to injuries while 69% were crashes involving property damage only.

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Injured on a highway work zone? Contact us today! Time to be paid. If you are not at fault, you have money on the table that could be yours. 

From the data give to us by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 105 workers in road construction sites died in 2013. 63% of occupational work zone fatalities in 2013 were to highway maintenance workers, construction laborers, tractor trailer and heavy truck drivers, construction equipment operators, and first-line supervisors of extraction and construction workers.

Keeping Yourself Safe on Highway Work Sites

Construction sites on highways are common as improvements and repairs are frequently made. These sites are places where car accidents often occur. There are workers and other automobile drivers around, as well as many hazardous equipment and devices. This is why it is critical to ensure that you are properly educated on safety tips for highway work zones.

By adhering to road rules and keeping certain safety tips in mind, you can prevent an accident from occurring and save your life, or someone else’s. Here is a look at some of the vital safety tips you should follow:

  • Pay attention and stay alert at all times when you are behind the wheel. Distractions, such as use of smartphones, can lead you to miss the signs that are meant to alert you of construction zones ahead and stopped vehicles.
  • Always make sure that you adhere to speed limit signs posted within work zones as well as before you reach them. Upcoming work zones approach quickly and it is always better slow down sooner than you need to rather than when it is too late.
  • You should resume normal highway speeds only after seeing roadway signs that alert you to the end of a construction site or work zone.
  • Always maintain at least a length of three cars between yourself and other vehicles. This is equal to counting two seconds from the time the automobile in front of you passes an object until you pass that same object.
  • Always remain calm and avoid being in a rush when you are in construction zones. Keep in mind that delays are always expected and that in the end, the construction zones are present as a way to help in the smooth operation of highways of all users.

Liability for Work Zone Injuries and Deaths

In work zone lawsuits, there is often more than one defendant involved. In addition to other negligent motorists, the following may be liable for work zone injuries and deaths:

  • Government highway agency
  • Traffic control designer of the highway agency
  • Construction contractor of the highway agency
  • Subcontractor of the highway contractor
  • Inspection consultant
  • Individual employees of any of the above

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