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New York Eye Injury Attorneys can Show You the Way

Oct 1, 2015 | Personal Injury, Personal Injury FAQs

Injuries to the eyes

An injury to the eye can happen in many ways. Flying shrapnel in a road accident can hit the eye and damage the lens. Eye ball can be damaged and injured in a direct and violent blow. The tissues surrounding the eye, the cavity around the eye ball and the nerves can also be damaged permanently. Such injuries can paralyze life putting the victim’s personal and professional life in chaos. Loss of vision in one or both eyes can hinder the ability to work and earn.


Sharp objects in your office can also cause injury to your eyes.

Wood, cement, glass, stone, and metal objects can pierce the eye and cause serious injuries. Some injuries may manifest at a later date and impact life seriously.

Blunt force trauma in road accidents or falling or flying debris in construction sites can injure the head and eyes. Hard knock to the head in a slip & fall accident can also lead to loss of vision or damages to nerves. Road accidents can cause damage to corneas. If you think your eye injury was caused by negligence of a third party, you are entitled to receive compensation for such injury and related losses.

Eye injuries and workplace safety

Accidents though preventable, can happen due to negligence. Workplace safety rules such as OSHA require workers to wear protective gears while handling construction or demolition activities and heavy-duty industrial operations. Fire explosives have known to cause burns on face and eyes. Welder’s torch flash can harm the eye in the absence of a protective gear. Eyes may also be injured by tanning lights and hot air stream. Chemical fumes can damage eyes and the vision of workers dealing with alkalis, acids, and fertilizers.

Product defects can cause harm

Products such as power drills, screw guns, spray guns, nail guns, and saws may carry defects that can cause damage to eyes, loss of vision and abrasions to cornea. Failure to diagnose eye conditions and infections may lead to eye injuries or even permanent damage to vision. Procedures such as cataract surgery or LASIK, if performed with less care, or negligently, can lead to impaired vision, or a reduction of vision.

Workers compensation and more

In case of a workplace injury to the eyes, you can claim compensation under the workers’ compensation law. When negligence on part of the employer is established, you may be entitled to receive compensation from the employer besides the workers’ compensation settlement. This way you can recover lost wages, medical expenses, restitution for pain and suffering.

You may also be eligible for the SLU award or the Schedule Loss of Use award which is a part of the New York Workers’ compensation package. If after the injury, you are left with a permanent disability that leaves you with a disabled body part, you are entitled to receive additional payment for that injury. The SLU payment maybe awarded if your eye injury does not allow you to return to work or your vision does not recover completely.

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