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Injury Checklist: What to Carry along When You go to Meet Your Lawyer

Mar 2, 2016 | Personal Injury, Personal Injury FAQs

Before you meet with your personal injury lawyer for the first time, it is important that you collect all the documents that you may have relating to your accident, and injuries and file them together. This will help your personal injury attorney understand and prepare a case in your favor.

The odds of your winning a personal injury claim are higher if your documentation is in place. Here is a checklist of some of the pertinent documents that you need to take along with you when you go to talk to your lawyer.

Information that needs to be jotted down

  • Name and address of ambulance service.
  • Dates you were admitted to the emergency room and the hospital.
  • Name and address of the emergency room where you were first examined.
  • If you were admitted details of the hospital and duration of your stay with exact dates.
  • Name and business address of all the doctors and physicians who may have examined you soon after the accident. This should also include any chiropractor that you may have consulted.
  • Names and if possible addresses of all those people who were involved in the accident – This list should also include the details of all witnesses.
  • Duration of absence from work due to the accident.
  • Name and address of every insurance adjustor you have consulted.

Documents that need to be carried along

  • Detailed accident report
  • Copies of any and all written statements
  • Automobile insurance policy papers, in case you were in a car accident. This should also include the declarations page and coverage certificate that clearly dictate the terms and kind of coverage you have

    The odds of your winning a personal injury claim are higher if your documentation is in place

    The odds of you winning a personal injury claim are higher if your documentation is in place. It pays to be organized.

  • Medical or disability policy papers
  • Copies of other policy papers such as veterans’ insurance
  • All medical and pharma bills
  • Receipt for every item that you have had to buy due to your injury
  • Official receipt of repairs from the repair shop

The first meeting: questions to ask a lawyer

Being in an accident in itself is a traumatizing situation, not having the right attorney to fight the case for you can make things worse. You will need a lawyer who is right for you. Each lawyer has their own style and methodology of practice. But, does that suit you? Here are a few basic things you should find out about the attorney you intend to hire.

In addition to collating all the information and documents related to the injury, it is a prudent and wise idea to also jot down all the questions that you may have in mind before you meet your future lawyer. This will help you gain clarity on how the case will be handled. Here are a few questions that you may want to ask your lawyer:

  • Number of personal injury trials that he has handled so far? And how many of them did he win?
  • What percentage of his practice is in the personal injury area of expertise that you intend to seek?
  • Would the lawyer be handling the case personally or will it be passed on to a partner or apprentice? If other lawyers will also be involved in the case, whether you could meet them?
  • How many years has he been in practice? Ask for references if possible.
  • How would he be handling your case? Ask and understand the process.
  • How long will the case, possibly take? And, what are the problems he foresees in your case?
  • What are the lawyer’s charges? Will he be charging you an hourly rate or contingency fee?
  • Who are the other experts your lawyer will be using to prove your case?
  • Is there any time limit within which you must settle the case or lawsuit?

The First Consultation is Free

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