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Personal Injuries Caused by Demolition Accidents

Jul 4, 2017 | Catastrophic Injuries, Construction Accidents, Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Workers' Compensation, Wrongful Death

Demolition AccidentsDemolition accidents are all too common, particularly in large metropolitan cities and you could find yourself as a victim of one any day, anytime.

You may be walking past a demolition site, albeit at a safe distance, only to suddenly find a falling brick landing on your head, resulting in a severe concussion, temporary or permanent disability, or perhaps even death due to irreversible neurological damage. Then your family or a close friend will have to make the tough call for you and call up a legal pro.

Even though controlled demolition is a process involving dedicated professionals from various fields of engineering, the risk factor in the whole procedure is also high. This makes it compulsory for all professionals involved to know and clearly understand his role in the whole process.

Circumstances leading to personal injuries

However, it is often seen that the work going on in a particular demolition site does not strictly adhere to stipulated safety standards and this is the main cause of such accidents. A missing hard hat, safety jacket, or safety shoes may lead to the most unfortunate circumstances.

Statistics show that demolition workers mostly face potential injuries like being struck by projectiles, falling heavy objects, or other assorted debris; getting trapped in a structure that’s imploding; and falling off scaffolds or ladders due to lack of safety hooks and belts or even falling into dug out pits by stepping on loose earth. Demolition accidents thus are not uncommon among these type of workers.

Your rights

As a demolition worker, you need to know that there are multiple laws & regulations for your protection in case of demolition accidents. For example, Labor Law 241 stipulates that owners and contractors must provide adequate protection to their workers. Failing this, the contractor or owner is liable for all damages arising from the accident. These include all medical bills, physical suffering and pain, lost wages as also emotional trauma caused.

As an unfortunate victim of demolition accident, you have to first notify your employer who is legally duty bound to take care of compensating you. It is for him to arrange for first aid, hospitalization, if necessary and pay for all treatment costs incurred.

The responsibility of approaching his insurer and getting the claim money out for you also lies with him. Should he fail in such duties, you have no recourse but to take proper legal help. Utilizing legal help becomes essential as you may not be in a physical state to fight for your legal rights as the process can be a complicated and a long one.

This is not the time to become a part time lawyer. And this is not the time to try to take on insurance companies all by your lonesome. That would be foolhardy! Kind of like watching the movies Meet the Parents II and III, they were terrible!

The Legal Recourse

For close to a century now, Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff LLP – the renowned New York based legal firm has been fighting for the rights of such demolition accident victims. We have had a 90% success rate so far and our sagacious and formidable construction demolition injury attorneys have obtained for our clients the right financial compensation for all medical expenses, physical and mental pain & suffering, and lost income.

Call us at 212 697 9280 for a free evaluation of your case. What’s more, we work on a contingency basis and charge you nothing until we recover your compensation through trial or settlement negotiations. We only win if you win! Call us today!