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Common Factory Accidents and Injuries

Feb 24, 2016 | Personal Injury, Personal Injury FAQs, Premises Liability, Workers' Compensation

Annually, there are 313 million workplace accidents and there are more than 2.3 million deaths in workplaces across the globe. There are 160 workers every 15 seconds who are involved in work-related accidents. Factories are one of the most hazardous places. Apart from illnesses, many accidents occur in factories. They contain many dangerous elements, including heavy machinery. Here is a look at some of the most common accidents and injuries sustained in factories.

Dangerous Machinery

In a factory, there are often many different machines which have the potential to cause serious injuries. Any person that operates machinery should be fully trained on how to correctly and safely do so. In addition, the machinery should be well-maintained.

A high percentage of accidents involving factory machinery is due to untrained operators and unguarded machinery. Lacerations, burns and amputations are common injuries sustained from this type of accident.

Forklift Truck Accidents

A high percentage of accidents involving factory machinery is due to untrained operators and unguarded machinery

A high percentage of accidents involving factory machinery is due to untrained operators and unguarded machinery.

It is required for anyone who operates a forklift truck to have specialist training. It is also important to provide appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Regular inspection of forklift trucks should be conducted and the trucks should also be well maintained. Vehicular and pedestrian routes should be separated, with protective barriers if appropriate. Forklift trucks can cause injuries that vary in severity, from crush injuries that result in broken bones to fatalities.

Lifting Heavy Objects

When goods are manufactured in a factory environment, workers are often required to manually handle components or the finished product. It is important to avoid lifting heavy objects as far as is possible and workers should be provided with equipment to limit the necessary amount of manual handling. If it is not possible to totally avoid the lifting of heavy objects, training on how to lift safely should be given to workers.  Manual handling injuries often result in arm injuries, neck and shoulder injuries, back injuries or foot injuries.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

In a manufacturing environment, spillages commonly occur, particularly in factories where food processing is involved.  There should be a system in place for cleaning in a factory where regular inspection of the floor is conducted and any spillages or other slipping and tripping hazards are properly cleaned using the right methods and equipment. In factories, common causes of slips include oil and water on the floor.

Industrial Diseases

Depending on what is being manufactured in the factory, industrial diseases may be a major risk. Dust, chemicals, fumes and other dangerous substances can all be present in factories and can play a huge role in contributing to industrial diseases. Some of the most common industrial diseases include occupational asthma, occupational dermatitis, industrial deafness, asbestos-related illnesses, hand arm vibration syndrome (including vibration white finger), and latex allergies.

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