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What do You Hope to Accomplish by Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Jul 7, 2015 | Legal Terminology

Common Opinion and Reality

When you are involved in an accident, and you are contemplating filing a personal injury lawsuit, what exactly do you hope to accomplish? It is vital to know the motivation that has made you decide to file a lawsuit. Generally, many people think that injured victims simply are eager to sue for any amount they can acquire.

The aim is to enhance safety standards at all public places

The aim is to enhance the safety standards at all public places.

However, the reality is that most people who submits a personal injury lawsuit is not actually interested in the compensation, but rather someone who wants to prevent someone, certainly this person, from doing this harm again. They want to make sure, this type of terrible neglect or selfish nature does not happen again. Almost every victim that goes to an attorney will say that he is not doing it for the money, but he wants to make sure this particular harm does not happen again to anybody else.

Victims Want to Get On with their Lives

Obviously, the only item, injured victims can recover by filing a personal injury lawsuit is compensation. Since they have incurred a debt because of somebody else’s carelessness they want and should be able to get back into the black and out of the red. Victims want to get back with their lives and they want things to return as they were before the accident. The majority of accident victims only want to make sure that this type of activity or behavior never happens again to someone else and of course to themselves.

Someone could be killed if this behavior or issue is not resolved.

Hence, if you are asked what you hope to accomplish by initiating a personal injury lawsuit, it is not designed to prevent you from starting a case, but rather to get you to understand what your goals are, and what you want to accomplish. Are you filing the lawsuit to prevent the harm that you have suffered? Is it designed to protect somebody else in the future? These are admirable goals, and altruistic lawyers are happy to strive to accomplish such goals.

The reality is injured victims are looking for more than just a compensation amount, and they are looking for hope. They want a better life now because they could be disabled or permanently injured. They have to suffer and go through the tragedy of rehabilitation, ongoing medical care, and their lives are disrupted. They would like nothing better than to go back to the lives they were living before the accident took place and the harms and injuries occurred.

You could have been Killed

Of course, the compensation amount will help them with their treatment and financial stability. However, that is not the main concern of many victims who file personal injury cases. These victims are looking for a way to stop the train wreck, a figure of speech, this terrible evening that happened to them, from happening again to someone else. A higher compensation awarded by the jury is going to be very useful for the victim, but more importantly, it will act as a deterrent, and people might become more careful and act responsibly.

This does not mean some verdicts are illogical and can cost good people their jobs but some type of compensation should be awarded, certainly enough to send the right message.

Based on this comprehension, what you hope to accomplish by filing a personal injury case might set the tone of your case. The jurors will be more responsive to the idea that your main concern is to prevent such a thing from happening ever again. Your objective is righteous.