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Should Attorney Guarantees Motivate You in Selecting an Attorney  

Apr 23, 2015 | Legal Terminology

No Lawyer can Guarantee an Outcome

Bill of Particulars

Outcomes of legal cases can never be guaranteed by any attorney.

When you are injured and you want to claim compensation of the harms and losses that you have suffered, you would be looking for a poignant personal injury lawyer for handling your case. You will come across many ads, where the attorney is providing all sorts of guarantees. Some lawyers even guarantee success and the fact they will land you a large payday if you hire them to represent you.

Well the fact is no attorney in New York can guarantee success in terms of you winning your case. Even if your case is very strong and you have all the required evidence, there is no guarantee you will win the case. This is because there are so many contingencies and a jury comprising of multiple individuals will listen and decide your case. Therefore, there is no way anybody can predict an outcome and therefore it is impossible to provide a guarantee.

No one can predict the future.

What about other Guarantees that Attorneys Make

In a highly competitive environment, it is necessary for attorneys to advertise their services. However, many attorneys are including some useless guarantees that have nothing to do with your case. Therefore, when you read such guarantees, should they become motivational factors for you to hire that particular attorney? The answer is no.

You should be looking for guarantees that increase the chances of you actually winning your case. This can be a fantastic and meticulous investigation into your case, continuous feedback, and so on.

Some Ridiculous Guarantees

Suppose an attorney in his marketing message guarantees free parking for all his clients. Now, it may be difficult to get free parking in a place like New York; however, can such a guarantee be a motivational factor that you actually give this attorney a nod of approval? Free parking is a convenience and you might save some money when you visit the attorney’s office but how does that improve your chances of winning your case?

Other ridiculous guarantees include a lawyer guaranteeing an elevator ride, or a service of someone holding an umbrella over you if it is raining. Well, most offices have elevators and you can carry your own umbrella. If you win your case you can buy several more umbrellas as well, all high quality. These are distractions and have little merit in the courtroom. Just because the lawyer seems to be overly considerate about your comforts and conveniences, does not necessarily make them a fantastic attorney or someone who really cares that much about your case.

What Guarantees are Worth Considering?

You should be mainly interested in the capabilities of the lawyer in terms of how they handle your case and working towards receiving a verdict in your favor. Therefore, certain guarantees that a lawyer might provide could be worth considering. For instance, if the lawyer guarantees a thorough investigation into your case, or guarantees the some outstanding expert witnesses―these types of guarantees are what you want to hear.

Secondly, a genuine lawyer, who is concerned about your finances, might give you a fair fee guarantee, which could be useful when you do not know much about the fee structure. However, you will also need to consider the capabilities of the lawyer and not just think about saving money on fees. Both are important points to consider though.