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How to Prevent School Bus Danger Zone Casualties in New York

Sep 26, 2017 | Bus Accidents

Ensuring the safety of children is a tough task. There are numerous incidents reported where students are found locked up in school busses or knocked down by motor vehicles while waiting to be picked up by their school busses at bus stops. Some zones are prominent and known to be a zone for a lot of student fatalities. There are categorized as danger zones.

According to a report that rolled out in the year 2013, an average of 92 school bus danger fatalities 12 casualties were reported in the past eight years. 37 of the casualties were caused by a passing vehicle, 24 of them occurred when students were in front of the bus. 12 of them were because the children were too close to the side of their bus and 10 when they ran after the bus.

While the damages that occurred due to these accidents may be irreparable, several measures can be implemented to ensure that these incidents do not repeat.

Tips to Prevent Danger Zone Casualties in New York

Accident by passing vehicle

Students attempting to cross roads on their own unattended is a rather common sight in bus stops near schools. While you cannot ask them not to cross the road as it may be a necessity, you can certainly train them to cross the road in a proper manner. The school bus driver can be told to gesture if it is safe to cross the road. But, students too should check for themselves to avoid being in an accident.

Students must stay at the edge of the pavement and check both right and left for motor vehicles before crossing the road. While students crossing the road carelessly, is one of the reasons for accidents, there are other reasons too. Some of them are:

  • Ignorance by drivers.
  • Drivers being distracted
  • Drivers deliberately not slowing down despite being aware that kids may be around.

Straying on to the school bus’s path

There are many a times when casualties occur within the school campus. The front end and sides are danger zones, but such accidents can be prevented by implementing some simple measures.

  • Crossing gates can be introduced to prevent students from accidentally straying on to the path of a school bus.
  • Instruct and train students not to stand near the side of the bus.
  • Have the driver count the number of students entering the bus and check his mirrors to ensure safety.

Running after the school bus

This is a very common sight and one of the most reported danger zone casualties in New York. Older students tend to run after a bus when they miss it. This can be easily prevented.

  • Educate students about the consequences and repercussions of running behind a school bus.
  • Instructing all school bus drivers to stop the bus, if they catch students in the rear view mirror or hear them bang on the bus. Such students should be taken to the school counsellor as soon as they get to school.

It isn’t the responsibility of just the school and support staff to educate children. Parents too must take an active role in making their kids understand the pitfalls of being in a school bus accident. Despite employing safety measures, school bus accidents can still occur.

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