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New York City Bicycle Riders are Legally Protected

Oct 4, 2015 | Bicycle Accidents

Bicycling in New York City

Bicycling in New York City can be fun. But it can be fraught with danger as well. The city is always expanding to accommodate more automobile traffic. Even though safety regulations are in place for bicyclists, accidents do happen. Bike riders need to cross the lanes or ride across the streets at the crossroads.


If someone hits you or a loved one while riding a bike, you have the right and duty to legally pound that at fault driver.

Such intersections are always dangerous with motorists unyielding to pedestrians and bicycle riders. City buses, passenger cars, trucks and other motor vehicles have known to knock down bicycle riders to the point of unconsciousness. Sometimes these riders succumb to these grievous injuries at the hospital as well.

Around 11% of the NYC uses bicycle to commute to workplace. Bicycle usage for workplace commuting has doubled in NYC since 2005. It is estimated that more than half a million folks ride bikes in New York City and commuter cycling has increased 262% between 2000 and 2010. Ten cyclists died in 2013 and 17 died in 2014 in NYC road accidents.

New York City’s authorities encourage commercial, recreational and regular bicycling by:

  • Building parking racks/docking stations for bicycle users
  • Dedicating bicycle lanes [Class I, II, and III lanes] and signed routes
  • Educating the public through publication and distribution of free maps that highlight bicycle routes along the city
  • Availability of bicycles 24 hours day 365 days a year

Minimizing Bike Accidents

Studies observe that negligence plays a major role in bicycle accidents around the city. Motor vehicle users can avoid bicycle riders by following lane discipline and being courteous toward fellow road users by yielding right of way. The DOT’s Bicycle Program aims at minimizing bike accidents through education. Bikers are advocated to use various safety gears that may protect them on the roads.

Various recommendations for bikers’ safety include:

  • White headlights and red taillights, bells & horn, reflectors for the bike
  • Rearview mirrors on the bike
  • Bikers to avoid using mobile phones while biking
  • Bikers should avoid listening to music while riding
  • Bikers to avoid sidewalks and stay on marked bike lanes on streets
  • Stop at traffic signals, red lights, and crossroads before proceeding

Leading Causes of NYC Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents in NYC occur mostly when:

  • Bikers ignore safety rules on road
  • Bikers avoid safety gears while biking
  • Motorists do not respect bikers and their path
  • Motorists do not yield right of way to bikers at crossroads
  • Motorists opening doors and hitting the bikers

Injuries Sustained by Bikers, in Road Accidents

Most common injuries sustained by bikers include:

  • Bone fractures
  • Traumatic head injuries
  • Ligament tear
  • Bruises and laceration
  • Internal injuries

A Law Firm that Deals in Legal Victories

In case of a bicycle accident, your attorneys investigate the accident thoroughly by approaching traffic authorities, hospitals, witnesses and may establish third party negligence.

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