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Common Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

Aug 16, 2017 | Slip and Fall

Each year, several million people are injured in slip and fall accidents that often result in serious back and spinal injuries. These types of accidents can occur just about anywhere including your very home.

Over the years, the incidence of succumbing to a slip or trip accident is rather high among those above the age of 65. And, one third of the population that fall do not report it to a medical practitioner. According to the CDC, once you fall, the chances of your falling double.

Spinal Injuries Arising From Slip and Fall Accidents

Falls generally tend to affect the hip, limbs, spinal columns, and other parts of the skeletal system. While it is motor vehicle accidents that account for most of the spinal cord injuries recorded, slip and fall accidents too can render you immobilized due to an injury to your spine.

Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere, such as:

At Home – People get injured at home on stairways or by simply tripping on loose mats or rugs. Many people may also fall while getting in or out of a tub or even their shower.

Outdoors – Outdoor hazards that can cause a slip and fall accident include debris on the walkways, buildup of snow, and bumpy or broken concrete. This accounts for most of the slip and fall accident injuries that you can sustain outdoors.

On Commercial Properties – Sidewalks, elevators, escalators, floors, parking lots, and stairs that aren’t kept free of debris or do not function properly can lead to a slip and fall accident. People can also get injured when objects fall from heights or around construction sites. Workers tend to be at risk when safety rules are violated, especially when working or scaffoldings and ladders.

8 Common Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

The effects of a slip and fall accident can result in myriad problems each having varying symptoms. While some accidents may call for surgical intervention others heal with time. But, all injuries cause some amount of pain and suffering and some serious accidents may also cause paralysis. An injury to any point of the spinal cord of column can result in dysfunction and excruciating pain in the area of the body that the region serves.

  1. Twisting of the spine – Your spine may get twisted when you have a slip and fall accident.
  2. Slipped disc or compression of disc– A sudden impact to the spinal column can lead to the discs between the vertebrae to get damaged, compressed or even slip out of place.
  3. Broken bones – Most slip and fall accidents result in broken bones in parts of the body like the arms, hands, legs or even the skull.
  4. Head injury – A slip and fall accident may result in closed or open wounds in the head
  5. Spinal cord cut – This is a serious form of injury may result in paralysis.
  6. Whiplash injuries – This is rather common in motor vehicle impact, but can occur from a slip and fall accident too. In this type of injury the head whips forward and backward.
  7. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – While you may not sustain TBI injuries in most slip and fall accidents, a fall from a steep flight of stairs can result in brain injuries that may need long term rehabilitation.
  8. Broken hips/pelvis – If you sustain grievous injuries to your hip, you may be advised complete bed rest and in some cases may require hip replacement.
  9. Torn Tendons and ligaments – This is one of the most common slip and fall accident injuries that you can sustain. Torn tendons and ligaments in in feet, knees, wrist may leave you out of commission for a few days but are easily treated.

The seriousness of an injury resulting from a slip and fall accident depends upon the actual event, impact, and also forces involved in the accident. Minor injuries can be treated without much hassles, but severe injuries to the back and spine may need long term care and rehabilitation.

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