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Fire or Explosion Accident and Personal Injury Claims

Oct 29, 2015 | Hazardous Materials, Personal Injury, Personal Injury FAQs

New York witnesses several fire and explosions through each year. Fire explosions are usually acts of human negligence and omissions. Fire or gas explosions occur when a safety measure is not in place as expected. It can be a faulty valve, or a smoker’s fire. It can also be an act of arson. In any case, when such explosions occur, innocent workers and bystanders may lose lives.

There can be huge property loss as well. The event can change the lives of the survivor or deceased or their kith and kin. Please call the New York City fire & gas explosion attorneys who can help you recover damages caused by negligence.

  • According to Federal statistics, since 2010, 11 gas pipeline accidents in illegal gas hookups have been recorded.
  • A Manhattan neighborhood gas explosion in March 2015 killed two and injured two dozen people.
  • Many explosions are linked to illegal and crude gas hookups.

Explosions can be Traumatic

Fire or explosions can have devastating effects on your earning capabilities

Fire or explosions can have devastating effects on your earning capabilities and your person!

Explosions can also lead to serious burns that may warrant long-term medical aid just in case the victim survives. And if the victim succumbs to the burns, the family struggles to cope with the loss of its earning member.

Explosions in and around New York City occur in factories, construction sites, and chemical industries. Fire and explosion can also occur in apartments due to negligent electric and gas utility maintenance.

Faulty Gas Lines

The New York City’s gas distribution system has witnessed more explosions, mostly due to its age and outdated networking. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has recorded several gas leaks in the gas mains of the New York City’s gas distribution companies.

Fire or explosions can cause:

  • Burns of varying degrees
  • Disfigurement of body parts
  • Loss of skin and senses
  • Physical damage to eyes and/or loss of vision
  • Loss of property
  • Severe injuries and death
  • Pain and trauma

Faulty Fire Alarms can Contribute to Fire & Explosion

In New York City, many innocent workers, civilians and firefighters lose their lives in such fire explosions every year. Various federal and local safety agencies stress the need for installation of quality fire detection and alarms in buildings whether home or office. According to studies, many fire explosions could have been avoided had the fire detection systems worked properly. The New York City fire & gas explosion attorneys have fought for the rights of fire & explosion victims of New York and won huge settlements.

Many New York fire & explosions are due to:

  • Gas leaks
  • Poor and improper storage, handling of fireworks
  • Poor/improper usage and/or disposal of chemicals
  • Faulty live electric wires
  • Poor standards of care & maintenance at factories and industries dealing with petrochemicals
  • Crude and illegal gas line hookups leading to leaks and fire explosions

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