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Determining the Right Compensation Amount for an Electrical Injury

Nov 4, 2015 | Personal Injury, Personal Injury FAQs, Premises Liability

Electrical Shock is very Painful

Pain and suffering due to electrical shock can be unbearable and depressing. The human body is a good conductor of electricity. Electric currents travel easily through the body generating shocks and burn injuries that can be sometimes fatal.

Electrical shock leads to burns of varying magnitude. When low voltage electric current passes through the body, reflex action pulls the body back before experiencing a shock. High voltages can weaken the reflexes and cause injuries to heart muscles, brain instantaneously leading to death. Medical care is usually traumatic, expensive, and complicated for the burn victim and the family. Such electrocution injuries can lead to:

  • Loss of income, present, and future
  • Loss due medical expenses
  • Extreme pain and trauma
  • Loss of skin and organ function

Negligence Plays a Major Role

Electrocution injury suffered at the workplace is a reasonable ground to sue employer or the utility company

An electrical injury suffered at the workplace is a reasonable ground to sue the employer or the utility company if it is their fault.

Electrocution can occur when electric lines or connections are not designed as per established quality standards. Negligence can play a major role in electrocution of people in apartments, office buildings, or even in public spaces.

Electric shock and electrocution can occur due to:

  • Violations of OSHAS rules and regulation
  • Faulty wiring & installations
  • Non-adherence to safety measures
  • Defective products

Electrical fires and falling/broken or swaying overhead power cables can cause serious electrocution injuries. The power companies have the responsibility to secure such broken and sagging power lines before a catastrophe can happen. Negligent power companies can be made to pay for their indifference toward public safety and life. New York City electrical shock & electrocution accident attorneys engage the services of professionals such as engineers and accident reconstruction specialists to ascertain the proximate cause of the accident.

Workers are at Greater Risk

Home appliances may also give an electric shock that can cause serious injuries. Defective products can cause serious electric shock related injuries. Workplace such as factories, heavy machinery manufacturing industries, can carry higher risk of electric shock as such industries may require higher power load to run the machinery.

A little negligence in handling power tools, can lead to grievous injuries and death of workers. In case of defective products producing electric shock and injuries, the experienced New York City electrical shock & electrocution accident attorneys conversant in applicable product liability laws of New York can handle the case successfully.

Before releasing for mass consumption, product designers need to:

  • Thoroughly check and establish the safety of the product
  • Ensure there is no unwanted power leak or electric shock generated by the product

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