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Contemplating a Lawsuit for Neck Injuries Suffered in a Recent Street Fight?

Jan 10, 2016 | Personal Injury, Personal Injury FAQs


The human neck is connected to the topmost vertebrae of the spinal cord, which also houses tissues, bones, and ligaments. If you have ever been involved in a drunken brawl in a New York City pub and later picked up a fight with your friends or some strangers on the street, you are likely to have been injured. Well, if you suffered multiple neck injuries and cannot stand straight or see as a result of those injuries, you must be rushed to the nearby hospital or a doctor’s chamber.

No more fight clubbing for you!

Neck injuries often lead to complications that can leave you disabled for life. She may not have been in a street fight but it can happen to anyone. There is danger in public places and on public sidewalks.

Neck injuries often lead to complications that can leave you disabled for life. You can be involved in a violent situation even if you did not instigate anything. This can happen when you are leaving a restaurant, in a shopping center, and so on. 

But this may not be your fault! You may have been defending yourself, a date, someone else, a friend, and so on. You have the right to do all of this. The other person could have been the aggressor and out of control.

From here on, you will face severe mobility limitations, having to depend on other people for your daily survival! The worst part is whenever you feel a little better, you will have to contact a personal injury law firm and discuss a possible personal injury lawsuit against the perpetrators of the physical damages.

What everyone should know about neck injuries

When a victim suffers neck injuries, the nature and extent of the damages may not be known till some months later. Neck injuries have a peculiar way of showing progressive symptoms one after another over an extended period of time. What appears to be a neck sprain or injured vertebrae may end up in a series of problems like a herniated discs or cervical dislocation!

In many cases, whiplash damages are revealed only after a couple of days and leave their impact in the forms of chronic pain and suffering. The first action after such an incident should be getting immediate medical attention. If a victim of a drunken brawl is fortunate enough to have even one reliable friend in company, then that reliable friend will probably rush the victim to the nearest medical facility for help. Otherwise, the victim himself will have to gather enough strength to call a cab and reach a medical facility for help!

Once the victim recovers partially from neck injuries, the next step is to contact a personal injury law firm to discuss a possible case.

How to get legal help for serious neck injuries

Neck injuries often cause permanent disabilities, so the victim of neck injuries requires top-notch legal support to win a personal injury case in New York City. Legal firms with considerable experience in fighting and winning neck injury cases are most likely to offer the best legal representation for neck-injury victims.

The legal process for a personal injury claim involving neck injuries

Here is a step-by-step procedure that a typical New York state personal injury law firm will follow to pursue a neck injury case:

  1. The attorneys will provide an initial evaluation of the case, based on the victim’s firsthand account.
  2. The attorneys will independently investigate the details of the case such as the incident, police records if that exists, the accounts of eye-witnesses, the medical reports, the medical bills incurred, the estimated extent of the damages, and other relevant details.
  3. When the court trial begins after a few months of investigation, the plaintiff’s legal counsel can fight for compensation for physical damages, incurred and future medical bills, lost earnings, and permanent disabilities if any. The actual value of the compensation is hard to predict since the awards are judged on a case-to-case basis.
  4. The personal injury case can be strengthened by accurate and complete evidences, reliable eye-witness accounts, strong police records, and the attorney’s expertise in building a case.
  5. Each case is tried by a distinct jury, so the outcome of a particular case can only depend on how convincingly it has been presented in a trial court.
  6. If the settlements are finalized between the plaintiff and the defendant before a trial, then negotiation skills of the plaintiff’s attorney will decide the fate of the case.

The heavyweight champ in the legal world is RMFW Law

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