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How Head & Brain Injuries can be Basis for Personal Injury Claim

Jul 8, 2017 | Personal Injury, Uncategorized

Basis for personal injury claim in head and brain injuriesTraumatic injuries to the brain are common, particularly due to high traffic accident rates in big cities, construction, and excavation sites where trauma to the brain is caused by external forces or due to prolonged oxygen deprivation to it. Any such injury can be basis for personal injury claim.

Statistics from the CDC show that the brain injury population in the US is in excess of 1.7 million annually, and is more commonly seen in the pediatric or geriatric age groups. Unfortunately, this type of injury can have severe and long lasting consequences or may even cause death.

Reasons for brain injuries

A traumatic head or brain injury may happen at any time and be either an open or close type. The most common causes are:

  • Motor accidents, head-on vehicle collisions, hit and run incidents, pedestrian & bicycle crashes, and motorbike & truck accidents.
  • In seniors, the major cause is often slipping and falling on roads and down staircases, falling from ladders or out of the bed they are sleeping in or by tripping and tumbling at home, workplace, or in public places like roads and parks.
  • Among the old and infirm, falling in care centers and/or nursing homes is common.
  • Injuries sustained from rigorous sports, violence, and/or child abuse.
  • Falling debris at construction or demolition sites.
  • Injuries sustained from assault and/or combat; gas & fire explosions at home or at the workplace.

The brain damage may be localized in the area where the initial impact took place. However, severe jolts or blows could dislodge the brain within the cranium and result in multiple damage and complications such as seizures, mood swings, memory problems and even speech and movement problems that may last a lifetime. In other words, a gross brain injury may sure maim you, if it doesn’t kill you and is a valid basis for personal injury claim.

Your rights as a brain injury victim

If the injury has been caused for someone else’s callousness or fault, you need to consult an attorney right away to seek advice on claiming damages.

This is compulsory as establishing the fact that the brain injury actually occurred due to the fault of a 3rd party may require the involvement of several medical specialists, certainly one! Moreover, in order to extract compensation from the defendant, you have to prove that the latter violated safety rules, deliberately ignored a legal obligation or acted in an unreasonable and negligent manner.

This may not be easy and would require experience and adequate legal knowledge to see that justice is ultimately done. Moreover, time is a major factor in such cases and critical evidence can either disappear quickly or may be deliberately erased.

Why Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP?

For decades now, specialist brain injury attorneys of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff LLP or RMFW Law have defended victims of brain injuries and obtained for them their due compensation. This has been based on our genuine empathy for those who have to unfairly cope with huge medical costs and, more importantly, face an uncertain future. We aim to rid you of your stress and uphold your civil rights at any cost. If you have been wronged by the system, let’s turn this around and make this right.

Remember, a brain injury case can be extremely complex and our experience, legal skills and panel of the most eminent medical experts will help you win, no matter what. In order to see that your basis for personal injury claim is a success, you need one medical expert to back up your case or you do not have one. We can find and know medical experts to evaluate your case. Call us at (212) 697-9280 for a free consultation. Let’s start this journey today.

RMFW Law charges you nothing up front. In fact, we only take a percentage at the end and this means we want to win as badly as you do. We know how to win these types of cases, call us now!