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Should an Accident Lawyer Visit the Scene of the Accident

Mar 15, 2015 | Personal Injury FAQs

Trying to Picture the Accident Scene


Your lawyer visiting the accident scene helps in many ways.

In every type of car accident, it is critical for the accident lawyer to go to the accident scene, and to see for himself where this incident occurred. There is an important reason for this. After the accident, you the injured victim are going to consult an accident attorney and you are going to explain to him, how the accident occurred.

The attorney will try to form in his mind the picture of the accident scene, and he will most probably ask you additional questions inquiring about:

  • How many intersections there were
  • How many lanes of moving traffic there were
  • Was the area residential or commercial
  • Was there parking on either side of the road
  • Was the incline of the road uphill or downhill
  • Was the accident site just after a curve

The accident lawyer will ask you many questions about the accident scene to form a correct picture in his mind.

It is Critical for the Lawyer to Visit the Accident Scene

However, even if you provide photos of the scene to your lawyer, taken from different angles, there is no substitute for him than going to the accident scene and looking himself. Even if those pictures have been printed out in large copy on a panoramic setting, nothing equals the human eye and mind being on that location.

Visiting the scene will give your lawyer the correct perspective of where you were coming from, and the perspective of the other driver who came and hit your vehicle. All this is critical for truly understanding the dynamics of how the accident occurred.

The lawyer cannot formulate in his own mind the correct accident scene by simply relying on your sentences or word pictures. Unless he physically visits the accident site, he will not be able to envision exactly what occurred as already stated.

A stellar and committed lawyer will not only visit the accident scene, but also ask you to come along, so that you can point out different landmarks on the way, where your vehicle was going, and from where the other vehicle was coming before it hit your car. By doing this, the lawyer will gain a correct understanding about exactly what happened, including:

  • Where you were at the time you saw certain events
  • Where the other car was
  • At the moment of impact where all this occurred in relation to the roadway, the intersection and the surroundings

All this is critical for your attorney to know, so that he can correctly grasp who was responsible for the accident. If the lawyer does not visit the accident scene, he could be leaving out important details that may be critical for proving the claim of his client. The defense will be trying to prove that you are at fault for the accident or partially at fault for the accident. If your lawyer is unable to counter these defenses effectively, you will either lose your case or your compensation will be drastically reduced.

If your attorney does not visit the accident scene then perhaps they are not taking your case as serious as they should.