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5 Tips for Avoiding Medical Malpractice Related to the Treatment of Your Child

Jan 18, 2016 | Medical Malpractice

Your child or children are most precious to you, and till they are 21, they depend on you for their healthcare (well, that could be until age 26 with the ACA but how much you can depend on the government is another story). So if you want to learn about some judicious ways to avoid bringing a medical malpractice suit against doctors in New York who treat your child, read on.

Get involved in your child’s treatment process

When children get sick or have accidents, many parents become too nervous to become involved. They may wish to stay away and let the professional medical practitioners handle the entire treatment process. If the parents really want the nest for their child, they should become active participants in their child’s treatment process from the very start.

This means discussing health issues with the New York doctor or other medical staff at every stage of treatment, clarifying doubts, and making informed decision. According to medical research, parents who are actively involved with their child’s treatments get the best results. This is a proven way of avoiding medical malpractice related to the treatment of your child.

Learn and share everything about medicine

During your child’s treatment in New York, he or she may be prescribed different medicines on an ongoing basis. Here are some tips to ensure a trouble-free medication experience for your child:

  • Ensure you tell the doctor what other medicines your child is currently taking.
  • Discuss any drug-allergy issue your child may be suffering.
  • Review the doctor’s prescription for your child carefully.
  • At the pharmacy, ask questions about any medicine you have doubts about. Talk to the pharmacist about any possible side effect of any medicine.
  • Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences reports that 88% of medicine errors involve the wrong drug or the wrong dose.
  • Find out if the prescribed dosage of a medicine is right for your child.
  • Request additional instructions if you are not sure how to use a medicine.

The above tips can help ensure you avoid medical malpractice related to the treatment of your child.

Select an appropriate hospital for your child

Remember that not all medical clinics or hospitals in New York are equally good in all fields of specialization. When your child is going for a hospital stay or for a surgery, make sure you select one of the best NY treatment facilities for a particular specialization. If the medical facility is renowned for the particular specialization you need for your child, then it is more than likely you will get superior healthcare services at that facility. Also ensure that the NY hospital adheres to concrete safety and hygiene standards.

Question unnecessary diagnostic tests

Sometimes, doctors prescribe tests for your child, which you are not sure of. In such cases, concoct some questions about each and every prescribed test procedure and find out why each of the tests is necessary. Also, try to collect test results in person; so that if you have any questions about the test reports, you can receive immediate clarification.

Make informed surgery decisions for your child

When your child must undergo a surgery, ensure that you discuss the matter with the primary doctor, surgeon, and any other interested party in New York to come to an informed and well-thought out decision. These are the questions you should ask:

  • Is there any alternative treatment option?
  • Is there any possible post-surgical complications?
  • What are the required pre-operative procedures?
  • Do you have to sign any consent form?
  • What is the usual recovery period?

All the above tips will certainly help you to avoid medical malpractice related to the treatment of your child.

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