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How to File a Claim for Injuries due to a Dog or other Animal Bite

Nov 29, 2015 | Dog Bites

Every year, millions of adults and children are attacked by animals and seriously injured, or often killed. Dog bites are one of the most common animal attacks on humans, a majority of them being stray animals. Children are the most vulnerable to these attacks, and wrongful death caused by animal bites can be devastating for the victim’s family.

Children must be taught to keep themselves safe while approaching animals, and public authorities must pursue the necessary precautions to prevent these unforeseen attacks on innocent civilians.

Child Safety

The potential impact of a dog bite, especially on children, can be painful and dangerous

The potential impact of a dog bite, especially on children,, can be painful and dangerous.

A majority of dog bite incidents recorded involve a child victim in the US. Ensuring child safety from stray animals is of primary importance, and parents/guardians are advised to take certain precautions to make way for this. Children must be taught to:

  • Never approach or hug a dog from behind
  • Never pull any parts of his body
  • Never touch his food bowl
  • Never try to kiss the dog on the face
  • Never look directly into his eyes
  • Never throw objects at a dog

Children must get permission from the owner of the dog, before touching or petting him. Children should also be taught to do the following when threatened by a dog:

  • Stay calm
  • Do not scream
  • Avoid eye contact with the dog
  • Never turn and run away
  • Speak in a calm and firm manner
  • Stay still and wait for the dog to leave

If the child is injured and falls to the ground, he/she must be taught to curl up in a ball and hold their hands over their head for protection.

Impact of a Dog Bite

The potential impact of a dog bite, especially on children, can be painful and dangerous. The victim may require prolonged medications, immunity treatment, injections or even surgery on the bitten area. A person who has recently been bitten by a dog (or any animal) may be potentially carrying rabies and/or the parvovirus.

They can complicate into severe bacterial infections of the bone or soft tissues, which can have a life-threatening impact on the victim if left untreated. Studies reveal that approximately 55,000 people die of rabies every year, most of these cases resulting from dog bites. Dog bites also give rise to severe sepsis in the elderly, asplenic patients and those with low immunity systems.

Children and infants may find it difficult to explain their dog attack to parents. One can identify a dog bite based on a number of symptoms and outward signs. In case there is no obvious abrasion on the skin, signs such as severe pain in the bitten area, redness, warmth, formation of pus or drainage of fluid, and swelling may reckon a dog bite. The victim must be immediately given rabies immunization therapy and tetanus treatment, as found appropriate by the physician.

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